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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nation in crisis. anger boils into the united
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states, and the protestors are demanding action from president obama. >> very busy night, we're following several developing stories, but first to egypt where the violence is spreading and death toll is rising. demonstrations sparking protests around the world, and new pressure on the u.s. to put a stop to it. scott goldberg has the latest. >> reporter: a police van pushed protestors back in ago san tree, but nothing has contained the anger. vehicles on fire, attacking police stations, and rioted in the streets. >> they are doing this because they see this is what they have to do. >> reporter: an army commander warned a crowd of thousands in cairo to stay inside once night fell. but many ignored the 4:00 p.m. curfew: press mubarak swore --
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president mubarak swore in a v. u.s. had urged mubarak can to take action before the new vice-president was announced. hundreds of protestors gathered saturday afternoon at the united nations. one of more than a dozen demonstrations. >> they say they came here to express solidarity with the people protesting on the streets in egypt. and call on the obama administration. >> obama should urge mubarak to step down. >> reporter: more protestors gathered in boston. chicago and washington. at the white house, president obama met with national security team. the president reiterated the need for egypt to use restraining against the up riding. at the united nations, scott
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goldberg, wjz eye witness news. >> protestors gathered across the globe in london, paris, and beirut. back at baltimore county, breaking news. a massive fire rips through a popular bar. it shut down the heart of tolson and of coursed evacuations of several nearby crits didn't and forced evacuations of -- and forced evacuations of nearby businesses. >> the street is blocked off. one volunteer suffered minor injuries in a fall. >> it's a tough fire, because it's closed to other -- we're making sure the fire hasn't spread into officials say the restaurant is destroyed, disappointing to the students who frequent the bar. >> during the summer, there's lots of people in the backyard,
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good music, just -- and it will be missed. >> we learned about an hour ago the fire is under control. witnesses say that several buildings were evacuated, including the commons movie theater. a retired school teach certificate murdered broad daylight. the crime has left the family and police baffled. detectives believe the woman was probably robbed. suzanne? >> reporter: police say there are few crews in the murder, and the victim's family is devastated, but outraged as well. myra cason, a retired teacher was found shot to death. in a glen burnie shopping center. a bullet possibly shattered her car window. >> i'm angry, because i know -- i'm confused. my mind is confused.
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i can't grasp all this. >> reporter: the family and police want help. they believe she was seen on friday morning on the lot in front of the auto supply and furniture store. >> we believe that she was brought to this lot and right now, we just need the public's help to figure out how she got sheer. myra had a payment with physicians at 7:30 -- had an appointment with physicians at 7:30. she was here about 20 minutes, but that was the last time she was seen alive. police say that he know her car pulled in at 8:13, and drove around before stopping. >> approximately 8:50 a.m., we know an employee of a local business came through and saw her car window smashed out. >> reporter: that person didn't report it thinking it was vandalism. another passerby noticed a woman slumped over the wheel around 11:00 a.m. and called the police. >> it would give me family peace and closure to this matter. >> to have an arrest?
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>> yes. >> reporter: the naacp and community leaders have scheduled a candlelight vigil for monday at 6:00 p.m. at the location where this murder took place. adam, back to you. >> thank you. police are urging anyone with information to call (410)222-3458, or call metro crimestoppers. maryland records another death related to wednesday's snow storm. police say the body of a man who disappeared during the storm was found about 10 miles south of annapolis. they found antonio after a search in a creek near sands and wallace road. police do not believe there was foul play. and three days after that storm. bge has restored to restored power to all about 600 people. crews were doing more repairs this afternoon. they assigned 200 workers to the outages, and bge says this the biggest storm in recent history.
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>> we've had about 50% more outages, more customer outages as a result of this storm than we did with the two february blizzards, back to back blizzards combined. >> power will be restored tonight or early tomorrow mother-in-law. nearly 235,000 customers have been restored since wednesday. new information about that hostage situation at a bank. a bank robber held a woman hostage with a begun to her held and he is -- with a gun to her head and she escaped when the robber slipped. he was killed, and a cousin side the bank tried to wrestle the gun away, but the gunman poll townshipped him. -- pistol whipped him. police are searching for the men responsible for a deadly shooting in west baltimore and 8:30 in the 800 block of west craft street. police say that a 30-year-old
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was shot several times and later died. detectives say several men shot at him before they drove away in a pickup truck. a medical helicopter makes an emergency landing today. the airport says the private medical helicopter landed due to mechanical problems. luckily, nobody was hurt. the helicopter was carrying a patient that patient was transferred to a local hospital. numbers are in for baltimore county's speed cameras, and they show that drivers are apparently paying attention to them. according to our media partners at the sun, the numbers have decreased by half. the report shows that the number of accidents in the areas remained the same. a vote will be held next month on whether to expand the program. a ride on the annapolis system is costing people a single dollar, but the rate could be going up.
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>> reporter: annapolis city leaders revamped the transit system after some customers complained about it. >> we want to go to work and get to the places on time. >> reporter: so the city added new lines. more buses and more transfer stops, but next month, it may cost more for riders to get on, $.50 more, if county leaders approve a plan to raise the rates. >> the fact it was -- [ indiscernible ] the increased rates to 1 dollars 50 will pay for a plan -- $1.250 will pay for a circulator -- $1.50 will pay for a circulator. >> we also want people like you and me who have an option. we want to provide the kind of service that will make you saying i don't need my car to go that distance. >> reporter: the city says it considered a number of options
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before deciding what to eliminate from the transit line. one idea that was nixed was having it go an hour in the morning from 5:30 to 6:30, bumper to bumper the city decided that passengers would not be able to get to work on time. in annapolis, wjz, eye witness news. now back to you. >> annapolis must pay for 40% of the transition service using passengers. thousands of people turned out to support the other controls and we want to thank you os fans who turned out to fanfest. there were pictures right there as par the continuing community commitment. we're proud to sponsor this event with our friends at masn, and we want to thank everybody to donated to the gift of life. the red cross blood drive.
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you see there, mike, tim, and myself, there meeting with a bunch of viewers. 264-pints of blood were collected. when it snows, donations drop and that's more critical now after the big storm. thank you again for coming out there. still to come, a 3-year-old hero. hello? 911? how a toddler saved hire father from bleeding to death -- saved his father from bleeding to death: a freak accident that is costing one man big money. a new way nor health clubs to generate energy -- a new way for health clubs to generate power. all eyes are focused on a
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storm system that could be coming our way. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in just a few moments. ,
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another storm could be on the way. i'll have the details coming up. firefighters in oklahoma battle this massive grass fire, more
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than 12 dozen fire departments have been working to combat the blaze. several hundred acres of land have been burned two homes have been destroyed. no injuries have been reported and the cause of the fire is unknown tonight. ohio man's car is in need of major repair work after iatric freak accident. the driver says he was heading into downtown toledo with a chunk of ice suddenly fell from an overpass and check this out, it crashed through the windshield and landed in the passenger seat. that ice just grazed his arm and did he not have any major injuries. new evidence in the hunt for a missing california boy and his alleged kidnapper. police have pulled the car of jose rodriguez from a canal in california. he is suspected sid napping his ex-girlfriend's son. the car was empty. police are trying to find the child and the kidnapper. they are searching other areas
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of that canal to see if they thinned find any bodies. california police on the lookout for an elderly man who are robbed a bank. he walked into a bank in santa barbara, and handed the teller a note demanding money. he was given an unknown of cash before he walked out out of the rear entrance of a bank. a toddler in oregon is a hero after calling 911 in the nick of time. listen to this. >> hello? >> 911? >> aaron knees bled to death after he accidentally stabbed himself during a woodworking project. thanks to quick thinking from his 3-year-old son, it had a happy ending. every day, millions of people go to the gym, and fitness center to stay in shape, but one company wondered if they could harness some calories and turn them into electricity. mike shows us what they came up
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with. >> reporter: do you hear that? in most gyms, that's the sounds of human energy being wasted. but in columbia, at the club, their spinning is connected to this generator. >> it's helping to power the building, heat, water. >> reporter: it added 500 bucks. >> it's a long term pay back. so a health club like this, just on energy, probably about a ten year pay back. >> reporter: the the bikes needed to be replaced. >> we thought it was a person opportunity for us to go all out, and really make an impact on the green initiative. >> reporter: eastern person is keeping nurse energy to keep a light -- each person is producing enough energy to keep a light bulb on for an hour. some gyms are seen a spike in members as people seek out these
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bikes. >> i make a lot of eco choices. this is one more choice i can make. i think they add up. >> i'm recycling, so i like to save, do green, and this is how i give back. while i'm working out. i think these bikes are a great opportunity for us to give. >> reporter: they are designing generators for the rest of the equipment, and some day, 25% of the usage could be generated by health club members. >> by the end of the year, the company hopes to have the again viators -- the generators in 500 gyms. >> it's icy on some sidewalks and stuff because of the melting. >> and the melting is great but ice is a problem, and that's what we're looking at for this next storm coming, ice, that could be the problem. so let's talk about it, and get prepared. we have about two days before we have to be concerned about it,
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but those two days will come and go quickly. >> i'm telling you, right now, temperatures in the 20s. 25 degrees, dew point is 22, 88% relative humidity, the barometer is pretty high at 30.00. coming down from a high of 34, and it was high enough to start melting down or continuing to melt the snow. temperatures above freezing, and that's going to be its case tomorrow. tomorrow, we actually forecast a high right at the average, and its overnight lows are going up. up. the days are getting longer by a minute and a half every other day or so, and its daylight, we're getting more. so the averages are going up slowly but surely. we have 28 right now in oakland, 34 in couple better lands, 32 at the river, 35 down in ocean city where the winds are coming from the north earrings at 6 miles an hour. calm readings around the state.
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start to see more of a wind flow, air flow coming in from the southwest, and that will help us pass into warmer air tomorrow. temperatures down to the south down from atlanta over to memphis, even to dallas in the 50s and 60s. still each at this hour, they have been getting closer to 60 and 70. and while that's comfortable for them, it's not necessarily our friend, the reason is, the next storm system that is coming through will tap into some of this moisture. also tapping into some gulf moisture and warmth that will make it into our region. it will mix the colder air and warmer air. that is responsible for this. what you're seeing. the storm system that moved from the pacific into the pacific northwest is going to take a bit of a swoop down towards the gulf, and mix with some of this moisture down here. it will close in. it's going to mean primarily steady rain across much of the south, but because we're on this line where the temperatures are
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going to start to mix with the cold and freezing temperatures, that's going to mean a potential icy mix for early next week, and we're talking tuesday foo into wednesday. while on wednesday, we go up to around 40, that mix means potential ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. take what we had a few days ago, add ice, and that's what we are focused on coming. we'll keep a very close eye on that. sunrise tomorrow, 7:15, tonight's forecast, going to 26 degrees, lingering clouds, seasonably cold, average is 24. tomorrow, 41 degrees, clouds will yield to sun, but it gets mild, and melt-down continues, 32 on monday, that mix on tuesday into wednesday, thursday, 32, overnight lows in the 20s, and about 30 on tuesday. >> i'm ready for spring. the orioles talk victory at fanfest. we'll have more when we ,,,,,,,,
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hello, there's joy in
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mudville as in -- the fantastic turn outby passionate loyalists. so many fans, so excite about the they hope the birds will become more competitive understand show walter. the fans don't -- under show wallet. they have, we keep them in mind, they share everybody's thought we have great guys, and. [ indiscernible ] >> okay, mean tile, in the northeast, morgan state driving. kyle from northern state, then jackson, dee wayne down court, team high 19, bears crash scratching back, but the deficit was too much, and morgan false 76-74. across town on the west side,
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one on one, his defender victimized. double digits, 88-77. elsewhere down the road, north of virginia, josh brown threw down for 19 points against old dominion. monarchs within there are fifth in the last six. they beat -- win their fifth in the last six. 0-11 in the colonial athletic association. joe flacco has a lot to say, usually quiet, but not tonight. he's upset over the firing of jim zorn dismissed after one season. he says i'm not happy with the decision, i consider it to be a personal attack on my own performance. john harbaugh, the coach, says he wanted to expands the role of on the offensive coordinator, but he says zorn should be a part of that expansion, so joe goes on to say, i don't think it was a good decision, i'm
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disappointed, and now they know i'm disappointed. finally, indoor soccer action, downtown. the blast led the riot 14-6 at the half. on route to fighting a come-back efforts. 18-17. same two teams tomorrow night in chicago: little back and forth there. >> kind of unusual for flacco to be so outspoken. >> he's so quiet, but after three years now? he's maturing, and speaking out. >> okay. may help him play better. >> i'd say. still to come at 11:00, how would you like to drive across the country using less than a gallon of gas? we'll tell you how a group of students made that happen. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] what happens when you channel the speed,
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a man with a knack for bubbles wowed crowds. tom showcased his unusual talent at the annual soap bubble festival. if they have one, in copenhagen again. those are big bubbles. for years, he have brought his act to television in the 1980s. imagine a car that gets 5000 miles to the gallon! wouldn't that be nice? some students's purdue bill a solar car and got 4900 miles to the gallon, now they are trying to build one that has better mileage, they plan to unveil the latest design coming up in april. that's one of the big ,,,,,,
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